Strategic Goals

WADE THAI Strategic Goals are to:

  • Promote the development, implementation and dissemination of DE in Thailand;
  • Bring about effective power sector reform which eliminates barriers to DE and creates real market opportunity for DE;
  • Provide its Members and supporters with value added market intelligence, information and business opportunities;
  • Ensure financially sustainable industry alliance.

These will help improve Thailand's commitment to DE at the national and local level.

WADE THAI will realise these goals through the following specific objectives, namely:

  • To form an Alliance among existing global and local associations/organisations to address shared concerns and enhance networking opportunities.
  • To conduct advocacy activities for the enhancement of policies and programs that levels the playing field for DE.
  • To organise events and activities designed to promote and advance the market for DE technology and showcase member product offerings.
  • To conduct cutting-edge research and analysis on energy and the environment and disseminate market intelligence and relevant news to keep members informed of the latest developments in the global DE marketplace.
  • To formulate projects and activities that will generate business opportunities for members.
  • To have a mechanism that sustains the financial needs of the Alliance.

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